Quadra Cedar offers four basic patterns for high-quality siding:

Channel Siding
This is lap siding with one lap 3/4″ and the other lap 1 3/4″. We produce this siding in both 1x6 and 1x8, with a re-sawn textured face.

Bevel Siding
Western red cedar bevel siding is the most widely used cedar house siding. This is also a lap siding but must be used horizontally only. This is 11/16 at the thick edge and 1/8″ at the thin edge. We produce this in 6″, 8″ and 10″ widths with a re-sawn textured face.

Tongue & Groove
As the name suggests, this pattern has a groove on one edge and a tongue on the other edge that fit together. This beautiful and versatile pattern is usually used as an indoor pattern for feature walls and ceilings. Typically, it has a smooth face with V’s on the edges. We produce this pattern in 4″ and 6″ widths.

Board & Batten
The board and batten pattern has been around for many years. It uses square-edge boards, with a narrow board covering the joint of two wider boards. The most common widths are 1x10 board with a 1x3 batten. These are 3/4″ boards with a re-sawn textured face. Quality portion of grade allows for 3″ cutouts at least 3′ in from either end.